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Pastor Kim Smith

Pastor Kim Smith arrived at Newfane United Methodist Church in 2002. He was appointed his first pastorate at the Royalton UMC in 1988. He graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in religion/philosophy. That same year, Pastor Kim was appointed a new church, Millville UMC in the Medina, NY area.

Pastor Kim started classes in January 1992 at Colgate Rochester Divinity School in Rochester, NY. During his next seven years of seminary work there would be changes in his ministry. In the summer of 1994, Pastor Kim would be appointed a second church, the Knowlesville UMC. The congregations were about 3 miles apart, but both lively and vibrant churches. Unfortunately, neither could support a full time pastor on their own. While serving these two churches both grew in congregation size and building size. Millville built a new fellowship hall. Knowlesville purchased the former fireman’s rec. hall across the street.

In 1999, Pastor Kim graduated from Colgate Rochester Divinity School with a Master of Divinity degree. A year later, he was moved to the Hilton UMC in Hilton, NY as suburb of Rochester, NY. It was a short- term appointment and in 2002 he came to the Newfane UMC.
Pastor Kim was married to Karen for 32 years. They raised 3 children: Jessica, Samuel, and Jacob. He has 4 grandchildren: Lance, Payton, Connor, and Kallan. Jessica and her husband Larry are the proud parents of Lance and Kallan. Jacob and Bethany are the proud parents of Payton and Connor.

Upon entering the field of ministry he coined a phrase that is to this day still true. It goes like this: “I may never be a farmer again, but I will continue to plant seeds. God didn’t call me to stop planting seeds, but he wanted me to change where and what kind of seeds I planted. I used to plant seeds into the ground for my own profit. Today I plant seeds into the hearts of people for God.”

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